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Greensboro Science Center and Zoo

I was visiting my mom in G'boro and we went Thursday to NSC&Z. Haven't been there in oh, almost 20 years. :( Two months ago they had their Grand reopening and boy, what a change. No Lions, just Tigers and the Bears at the moment are two big stuffed Grizzlies in the main Foyer. :) They are planning to bring Black Bears from the mountains in next year, I believe.

Took photos. Some not as good as others. The three Macaws that should be outside enjoying the sunlight live in a big room near the back of the main building. They were having a blast showing off for me while I took photos. The lighting in their room was poor so I had to use the flash which reflected off the glass, but you can still see them.

Late Wednesday night/early Thursday morning there was vandalism at the parking lot entrance on Lawndale Drive. The two tortie sculptures were just about destroyed. Their little heads had been kicked off. Cable Channel 14 was there and you can find the article (Beware: Galopgus Tortie slow loading) at:

Go enjoy! And if you're in Greensboro, please go visit the center and zoo.
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