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CK Images

Hi! I'm a graduate of ECU and I just started a photography business in Greenville. My goal is to try and bring a little creativity and spice to eastern NC. There are so many people that are really conservative and we need to change that! My business has that exact focus in mind. We do body painting, underwater, erotica, boudoir and any other really creative photo ideas you might have. This isn't just a photo experience. This is a life experience. Many people have come to me and said..."Wow, this experience really changed the way I feel about myself and my body." You will have these beautiful and creative photos for THE REST of your life! not to mention the fact that you can put a fine art photo of yourself right on your wall and people will be amazed that it's you! So check out my website, schedule an appointment, and help bring some creativity to Eastern NC!!!!

CK Images
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